Making Learning Easy is the brainchild of Leon and Mils Chaffey.

Leon and Mils have run an Education Centre of Excellence for the last seven years. Over the previous five years, they have also opted to homeschool their three children. As seasoned tutors and home educators, they have a firm understanding of the issues, stresses and difficulties every parent are facing, whether in a school setting or when homeschooling their children. As a couple, they have had direct experience with special needs as their middle child was born with difficulties that have changed over the years.

Leon and Mils individual training and past work opportunities have made both feel that children thrive better if they are encouraged through Holistic Learning Methods and Principles. They have wanted to help more children and their families outside of their local community, and that was when the idea of Making Learning Easy was born. Both Leon and Mils have always taken a keen interest in each child's learning progress. They pride themselves in making good bonds of trust with the children and their families to ensure that we are all working together in the best interest of each child. Foundations that are so vital in developing the confidence a child needs to grow their knowledge.

Leon Chaffey:

Leon's speciality is Computer Science and Mathematics. He attended Teesside University, where he specialised in Computer Science and Mathematics individually. Leon also was part of a volunteer ambulance service since he was five years old, so has excellent knowledge in First Aid. Over time Leon has also been a Group Scout Leader and was very interactive as a GSL, adding his fun to any event or meeting. At Super Thinkers, Leon runs two very successful Coding groups; these children have even become semi-finalists at several competitions. He prides himself in being able to impart knowledge and simplifying complicated equations so that children feel they can attempt anything!

Mils Chaffey

Mils started as an apprentice in a Montessori Nursery, where she came across the Holistic Child principles; she qualified and eventually became manager. During this time as a manager, Mils received an offer to become a SENCO. She jumped at the chance of making a positive impact on children's lives and attended the University of East London. Mils has dedicated the last 20 years of her experience in making sure that every child gets the help they need, even if the schooling system can not. She also was a fully qualified Scout and Beaver Leader, who enjoyed allowing children to experience different methods of learning. 

At Super Thinkers; Mils and Leon's passion can be witnessed throughout, in the ability to create excitement in Literacy. With a vast collection of the modern and traditional book available, and a 'penchant' of selecting reading material that engages the most reluctant of readers. No matter the age of the child, their empathy allows them to create a plan for each child to enable them to succeed. 

The pair teach 11 plus classes together and run powerful sessions, filled with lots of information. The children leave with the excitement from the books, new maths topics or literacy challenges. It is very infectious as the parents are always eager to get involved with the latest ideas their children are learning.